About the Book

A note to my english speaking visitors: ThisĀ  website is intended to give you an idea about my german book Codierte Kunst (Coded Art). Here you will find a translation of the preface and an extended table of contents. It will give you a first idea of the concept and contents of the book.
The book is currently only available in German, but I’m looking for ways to publish it in English … so stay tuned.

Joachim Wedekind: CODIERTE KUNST – Kunst Programmieren mit Snap!

An introduction to the recoding & remixing of examples of early computer art and other art movements on 370 pages …

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Is it possible to learn programming and to create aesthetic graphical objects right from the start? This book wants to show that it is possible and how that works. The visual programming environment Snap! with its turtle graphics is an ideal entry for creating attractive graphics (important note: Almost all examples can also be realized with Scratch and comparable programming environments; mostly without or with only minor adjustments). With the principle of on-demand learning, powerful concepts and application-oriented enhancements are introduced whenever needed for the recoding of certain interesting examples of early computer art. The learned can then be transferred on the remixing, that is the extension and variation of these examples as well as the development of your own new works.

Examples are treated as homages to the pioneers of early computer art, including works by Georg Nees, Frieder Nake, Michael Noll, Vera Molnar, but also many others. In addition, connections are made to representatives of conceptual art, such as Sol LeWitt, or the Op Art, as Bridget Riley. In addition to numerous illustrations to the text, the solid color printed volume contains 101 (mostly full-page) images that represent results of the recoding and remixing of examples of early computer art. The result is a mixture of illustrated book and programming guide.

First reactions:

  • Great format, great cover, fun to browse, read and be inspired. Many thanks for a completely successful book! (Daniel Domscheit-Berg)
  • Even at first glance, it has cast a spell on me. It is really a great idea and wonderfully implemented (Clemens Link)
  • Thanks for such a lovely book (John Stout)
  • It’s absolutely a fantastic book (Simon Mong)

And one more thing: After the writing, layout, corrections, and organizing the printing and distribution work is essentially done, I will be happy to present this topic-oriented approach to programming, to promote the book, and to explain the programs. Wherever there is interest: The e-mail address can be found in the imprint …